About Me

Growing up, I was a child obsessed with drawing on everything.  Any down time was

spent creating characters and landscapes on paper, my parents couldn’t get me art supplies fast enough!  I entered every coloring contest at every holiday whether it be at the grocery

store or at the dentist.  My parents and grandparents saw my love for art and encouraged me in every way they could, whether it was private lessons or simply hanging my art all around their homes.

I didn’t discover my love for decorating on food until out of college when I decided to take a Wilton decorating class.  Though at first it was frustrating getting down the techniques it then became a artistic release.  Since then I’ve taken off with it and enjoy every piece of every project that comes my way!

Since the beginning (January 2010),  Ive been able to win best in show at Peddlers Village Cupcake Competition.  Featured on Cakecentral.com for my melting snowmen (found in album -specialty cookies) as one of the top favorite cookies of 2011.  And most recently, been published in Cake Central Magazine for my blue and purple inspired wedding cookies.

I work full time and the decorating is completely a side gig but time will tell where I go from there!




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